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Lymphedema Compression Essentials for Recovery

Pressure treatment regimes and practices are an important part of lymphedema compression, which is especially important during your post-surgical recovery period. Cushioned bandages, compression clothing, and customized compression garments, can be used for lymphedema compression.

Compression treatment works by decreasing the buildup of fluid in your limbs, thereby alleviating swelling and discomfort. Indigo Garments stocks a range of fully customizable lymphedema compression stockings.

How effective are our compression stockings?

Indigo Garments stocks a range of customizable lymphedema compression stockings, offering the very best support for the lower half of your body. Our lymphedema compression stockings provide muscle stability, and enhance blood circulation throughout your limbs. Thanks to a fully customized fit, our lymphedema compression stockings do not ride up, or move out of place, during your workout or everyday activities. Our top-quality lymphedema compression stockings reinforce muscle strength, while providing improved support to your knees, thighs, and hips. Our lymphedema compression stockings are:

• Handmade in Brazil
• Manufactured using Medical Grade Firm Compression 20-30 mmHg* Firm Compression
• Include an open toe and heel, so you’re not restricted from participating in your favourite exercise, including Yoga, Dance, and Aerobics.
•Recommended to reduce leg swelling during pregnancy.

Why do I need lymphedema compression stockings?

Although your prescribed medication can help to decrease swelling and discomfort, lymphedema compression stockings help your lymphatic system heal more effectively. Moreover, the Indigo Garments range of lymphedema compression stockings can easily become part of your everyday life, offering you all-day comfort and relief, long after you’ve recovered from surgery. Notably too, our lymphedema compression stockings help your muscles and connective tissues gently heal, whilst protecting and supporting them throughout your busy day.

Why choose Indigo Garments?

Our wide range of lymphedema compression garments are available to purchase online, and are backed by our expert knowledge and care. Fully customizable, and far from ugly, our range at Indigo Garments lets you heal in comfort and style. Moreover, in terms of your recovery needs, varying ranges of pressure treatment can be selected to ensure you recover to the best of your ability.

Now that you know what to do for your body, give us a call on 1 (844) INDIGO7. We’ll help you select and shop for the best lymphedema compression stockings you need.

So, when you desire to have such pressure clothing do call us at Indigo Garments dialing 1 (844) INDIGO7.

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