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All about Compression Garments – What, Why and How!

Have you undergone liposuction recently and your doctor advised you to wear post surgical compression garments? But you are not sure what compression garments are and how to find the right one? Then the following post is just meant for you! Just have a look.

What are compression garments?

Compression garments are specifically designed garments that help in improving performances and reducing recovery time after a heavy workout or a surgery such as liposuction. These garments often made out of elastic and nylon help in improving blood circulation and hence providing a more effective blood flow that help in filtering out toxins.

Why compression garments are important for recovery process after liposuction?

After liposuction, your skin tends to get loosen up due to the surgery and will takea certain amount of time for your skin to tighten up and get back to the normal state. But when you wear a compression garment which is made of elastin, ittightly fits around your surgical area. And hence it not only tightens up yourskin but also reduces the swelling that is caused due to the liposuction surgery. Another important benefit of wearing medical grade compression garments directly after the surgery is that it provides you great support.Muscles usually get weak after surgery and these garments provide support to the muscles during the recovery period.

What to look for in compression garments?

To get theright compression garment you need to look for its stretching ability and elasticity as these two are required for proper support, softness for comfort,moisture protection, breath ability, antimicrobial properties that helps you tostay fresh, and durability.

Today there are numerous retailers providing compression garments online but it is necessary that you must buy these garments from a genuine, established and renowned retailer as you will get the high quality,comfortable, supportive and functional ones with them.


Indigo Garments are the finest, handmade, medical grade compression garments available that are comfortable, supportive,functional, luxurious and flattering.

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